Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something says I must give you another chance in the future. That our journey has not ended. Then something in me tells me you are not the one. Then another thing tells me it’s just wrong timing now and in the future, you could build something beautiful. We could build something beautiful. I wish I was calm and not over-analytical. I can see me with you but I can also see me with someone else. I don’t want to say you’re not the one. I don’t want to say you are. I don’t know. I am not meant to know. This is why it’s so hard. I need to grow up and experience the world and what it has to offer – both with people, travel and experiences. When I know what’s out there, know my options and see what suits me, I will be fine. But right now, I am confused as I have so many opportunities and roads I could take.